On election night

8 Nov. 2016

My heart is broken tonight. Not about the outcome of an election.
But what it means about the soul of a nation, and for the world.
Overcome with horror. And anger. And sadness. Most of all, sadness.
I cannot believe that this country voted for this. I say “this country, because I cannot say “my country.” Because right now, this country feels like no place for me.
And I cannot promise that I can stay here. I will try, but I can’t promise. I just don’t know. My fantasies of leaving disgust me as the height of my privilege. But I don’t know that I can stay. I will try.
Donald Trump may win this election. But we cannot allow the messages of Donald Trump to win.
We cannot allow our boys to believe that women are objects to be used for their pleasure, or that it is acceptable to treat them with disrespect.
We cannot allow our girls to believe that their worth lies in their appearance, that their bodies are props to be used by men, and that it is allowable to speak of them disrespectfully.
We cannot allow women to believe that they are second-class citizens in the eyes of this nation.
We cannot allow our Muslim brothers and sisters to feel hated, isolated, and alone.
We cannot allow our Hispanic brothers and sisters to think that their vital contributions to this nation go unrecognized, or that anyone truly sees them as rapists or murderers.
We cannot allow our sisters and brothers who are gay, lesbian, or other sexual minorities to think that we believe their love is worth less than our own.

We must stand. We must stand up for those who have been trodden upon. We must use our voices to speak for those who have been taught that their voices do not matter. We must do our very best to help the vulnerable feel safe, and to let them know that their lives are valuable, and valued.
We must fight tirelessly, not with guns or fists, but with compassion, and courage, and love, and kindness.
I don’t yet know how to do this. But I’m going to fucking figure it out.
Because there are people in this nation, and in this world, who are terrified tonight. Who need someone to fight for them. Who need someone on their side.
I am on your side.

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