About Me

This page was created by Dr. Russell Kolts.  That’s me below, in a pic from a recent talk:

I’m a clinical psychologist, psychology professor at Eastern Washington University, and author in the area of compassion and compassion-focused therapy, abbreviated “CFT.” CFT isn’t nearly as frou-frou as it sounds – it’s basically a therapy model, and more broadly, a way of being in the world that is rooted in the science of what it means to be human – the way we evolved, the ways our brains work, the ways we are shaped by and interact with the world around us.   The goal of CFT is to  help people approach problems and life challenges with courage, the compassionate motivation to help make things better, and dedicated action.

You may have noticed that we have a lot of challenges in the world right now.  This page is an attempt to help us join together and address them compassionately, courageously, and actively.  I called this project ‘The Shelter and Storm’ because I believe that if we’re going to make real changes in the world, that’s what we each have to be – shelter to the vulnerable, and a storm that creates change in the culture.  I hope you find this page useful in your own efforts to shelter and storm.