Being a compassionate activist requires us to be both the shelter and the storm – to protect and defend vulnerable people and ideals, as well as being willing to act courageously and compassionately to promote cultural change. It’s my hope that this page will provide support, inspiration, and resources to good-hearted people who wish to facilitate positive change in the world.

The blog page is, as you might imagine, my blog.  The topics of my writing on this page will vary, but will be broadly centered on compassionate activism – my own journey in trying to figure out how to do this, how we can support ourselves and others to stay inspired and build positive inertia in the service of doing good in the world.  The first few entries are all dated January 23rd, 2017, but span the period from the November 8th, 2016 – the date Donald Trump was elected, and the date of my first writing of this sort.

The pages under the Be the Shelter tabs will focus on providing resources, ideas, and information that will allow you to act on your motivation to help vulnerable people, animals, and environments.   It will also focus on ways to compassionately support yourself and others in this work so that we don’t become burnt-out, disillusioned, or hopeless, because real change is going to take sustained effort over time.

The pages under the Be the Storm tabs will focus on providing resources, ideas, and information to help you work to create cultural change around progressive cultural issues that matter.  It will focus on things like how to connect with others who already working on these issues as well as resources such as contact information for public officials so that you can make your voice heard.

It’s my intention to continually be expanding the resources on the site, so if you know of important, online-accessible resources that may benefit the compassionate activist, please let me know via the contact form.

Finally, I’m working to create a working discussion Forum in which compassionate activists can share resources and information, support one another, and find and interact with other like-minded individuals.  In times of darkness, we need to share our light.