General Storming Resources

This page will feature resources for connecting with activist communities and taking action on a variety of issues:

Register here for a weekly action checklist filled with concrete things you can do regarding lots of issues that matter, complete with all the information you need to get going.

Storming takes wisdom and courage – courageous groups, and courageous leaders.  The folks at Courageous Leadership draw upon scientific research to help us develop these qualities.

On the legal front:

A lot of storming will be done in the courtroom.  Here’s a link to the ACLU website.

Similarly, here’s the website for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

…and the National Lawyer’s Guild, which sponsors specific projects related to immigration, activist defense, and police accountability.

And a potpourri of other sites that might be of interest to the compassionate activist:

This page contains lots of articles with advice for activists and allies to stay informed and to act effectively.

Here’s a link to the Resistance Manual site, which contains lots of links to information and crisis resources.

Here’s the site for the Women’s March, which suggests 10 actions we can take in the next 100 days.

This link will take you to, which has lots of information for how to get moving to promote progressive causes.

This link is for the Facebook group Small Group Action: Early Access – a group that helps people harness technology to get things done.

This link is for the Social Labs website – devoted to the creation of innovative solutions for complex problems, which we have a lot of these days.

RiseUp provides secure online communication tools for those working on social change.