Storm the Government

Perhaps one of the most important things the compassionate activist can do is to make sure we are heard by the government. Here are some links to help you use your voice most effectively:

For example, here’s the link to Indivisible, a guide written by former congressional staffers on how to best make your voice be heard by congress.  It also provides links to find local groups (or register one you’re starting) so you can get involved.

The most consistent advice I’ve gotten on how to make the government aware of our voices is to make phone calls.  The 5 Calls site makes it easy, providing numbers and scripts organized by issue!

Here’s the website for Countable, which will help you keep informed as to what the government is up to.

Once you’ve decided on the issue you want to use your voice to address, you’ll want to contact your congresspeople and senators to let them know your concerns:

Here’s the website for the US House of Representatives where you can find contact information for your representative – you can even leave a message there, but I’m told it’s better to call and let them know your stance on important issues.

Similarly, here’s the official US Senate website, with searchable contact info for all senators.